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NEW: kult.GUIDE.s - professionally prepared intercultural information in a pocket book format!
Our company-internal publications have received excellent references and motivated us to present this innovation to all our customers in printed form: professionally prepared intercultural information can now be received in a pocket book format! Our kult.GUIDE.s include country specific insights and helpful suggestions regarding people and mentality, particularities of business culture, tips for integration, travel information and much more!

kult.GUIDE.s are especially good for cross-border employees and travellers who are interested in a country and people. This product is also a wonderful supplement to the intercultural knowledge acquired in our seminars and works marvelously as a refresher for information learned in our seminars.

Do you want more than just travel information, though clear and structured?
For all our business colleagues who want to plunge into other countries' business life and to learn more about specific management style or dealing with time, we suggest the chapter "Business culture". Additionally this chapter explains among other things how to dress appropriately and which presents can make a good impression.

Globetrotters who enjoy travelling to other countries will find all useful information about people and regional distinctions in the chapter "People and mentality".

Moreover, with every Guide you can explore all facets of the capital.

As a special treat for the hurried... the appendix you will find useful checklists about stereotypes, important Dos and Donts as well as cultural values.

Make an excursion to the local language!
With the help of more than 50 words and common phrases you can break the ice between you and regional people very quickly. Our AUDIO GUIDE helps you to make your pronunciation correct. Thereby you can learn the most important phrases rapidly, because they are pronounced word by word both in English and in local language.

This is our intercultural contribution as well as free additional service to kult.GUIDE.

Provide yourself with an intercultural competitive advantage – multilingualism, intercultural competence and knowledge about Eastern Europe are a part of our trademark!

More then 30 countries to choose from! Available from 1 piece!

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New release in the professional market – our advisor in a book format!
"Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in the Ukraine: Target achievement, success factors, problem areas" by Dr. Viktoriya Zipper, published by VDM, 2008.

Beginning is easy but it takes an effort to carry on. That is precisely what this book is all about, as foreign investors’ perseverance is the most important factor of success in the Ukraine. A transforming country in the 90s is now the booming market within Europe. The shift from planned to market economy is being put into practice dynamically but there are specific parameters to keep in mind.

Regarding direct investment in particular, these parameters represent a high-risk path for the launch. Identification of promising strategic patterns that facilitate the achievement of goals on this market is a top priority. To do so, extensive statistical data (1991-2007) and twelve practically oriented case studies, accompanied by expert opinions, are first analysed profoundly. The outcome presented by the author are important factors of success and also failure for companies who engage in foreign direct investment in the Ukraine, and she devises valuable hints for all kinds of investors. The benefit for all readers, whether they are scientists exploring foreign direct investment in CEE or expanding companies, lies in the valuable “aha experience” that this book promises!

Price: 79,- Euro inkl. VAT, exkl. forwarding charges

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„UKRAINE: inbetween EU and RUS‘. Intercultural Management in a country of high potential“
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