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How exactly you will benefit
How much are you willing to invest?

Fair package prices or fixed hourly rates – you decide. Our services can be calculated individually on an hourly basis, on a work day basis and also as a fair package. We will find a tailor-made solution for you with a very acceptable price.
In offering a good price we are guided by long years of experience in supporting expanding companies, which we are happy to use for your benefit. We commit ourselves to the guidelines of the Austrian Association for Company Consultation and Information Technology. In this way you can always compare our prices to those of competitors and we are transparent for you.
What kind of support is there?

Funding, coverage and tax relief are all important advantages for your strategy abroad. A company’s expansion is always connected to required higher resources (personal, financial etc.). In order to help companies with their investments abroad, national institutions – federal and regional – offer extensive funding and supportive measures. These services include the refunding of consultation costs, support for the launch of a local branch, intercultural competence education and adaptation of the marketing strategy to the target country. For all of this there is direct funding, affordable loans, assumption of liability, as well as several means of coverage.

In consulting we work out which supportive measures there are for your specific plans and how to apply for them, in close cooperation with our partners. Dr. Viktoriya Zipper is also an accredited Export Adviser by INCITE and thus allowed her to advice you on the go-international support programme of WKO.

Also benefit from the various tax advantages in the course of your expansion into Eastern Europe. Export consultation, translations and intercultural business trainings, for instance, may be defined as company expenses which can be offset against tax. Get information from your tax accountant or from us.

You see: Expansion is a challenge and, given the proper know-how, it can bring along numerous advantages and success!
Additional value for you
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